Divine Connections

We’re still living through this pandemic. We’re staying home, some more patiently than others; either way, we are longing to reconnect with our friends and family. We miss the hugs, the hand holding, the freedom to visit each other’s home and cuddle on the couch together. Connection isn’t so convenient anymore. We have to make a greater effort to connect with each other. I’m grateful for the new quality of friendships that are growing because of the limitations, I’m grateful for the new levels of heart intimacy we get to experience because we get to share how we truly care for one another. One great takeaway we can learn from this time: don’t let convenience determine the intimacy you will have in relationships.

When Elizabeth became pregnant with John the Baptist she hid in her home for five months, until Mary arrived during her sixth month of pregnancy and Elizabeth confirmed Jesus’s coming and also shared about her own pregnancy. Mary was the first person, besides Zechariah, to learn that Elizabeth was pregnant. Elizabeth was careful and private about keeping the news of John to herself and her husband until it was the right time. It was a special time for them, and I like to think Elizabeth wanted to cherish it by herself. She and her husband have prayed for children, and now that they were about to have a son they waited to share when it was the right time (Luke 1). They knew people would rejoice with them once he arrived, they knew it would be a beautiful celebration when it was time.

Mary traveled far to visit her cousin Elizabeth after hearing from the angel of the Lord that she will also bear a son. It wasn’t a convenient trip either, Mary travelled from Nazareth to the hill country of Judea, which was about an 80 to 100-mile distance. Her journey could have taken her 3 to 5 days, but the Lord wanted them to be together, He wanted them to connect. Not just because they were related, there was a deep connection that was about to unfold; their sons will be a huge part of each other’s lives and each other’s journey.

There will be divine friendships, divine connections that the Lord will bring to your life. It’s not just the person you are going to marry, it’s the mother figure, the father figure, the sister, the brother, the friend, the mentor. God can divinely connect you with people in a deep way.

During this pandemic you may have to try harder to connect and stay connected with friends and family, don’t let the inconvenience stop you from letting those relationships grow deeper.

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