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My Year of Reading: 2022

Reading is not a chore or just a box to check off on your to do list. It’s intimate time spent focusing your eyes, ears, and mind for understanding, to listen to a story in order to see something from a different perspective. It’s time committed to learn, grow, stretch, and enjoy. When I think of reading I have this image in my mind of Meg March placing a book by her bed and saying: 'I shall keep my book on the table here, and read a little every morning as soon as I wake, for I know it will do me good, and help me through the day.’ Nothing makes me happier than waking up on a Saturday morning with nowhere to go and opening a book to read just a few pages before I make our morning coffee. I feel like Meg March and I’m happy to know that what I’m reading will do me good. The books I have listed below were some of the most moving books that I read in 2022. At the beginning of 2022 I set a goal to read 40 books from start to finish, and I read 37 books!  The book that surprised me the

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