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Reading Lately

I stopped keeping track of the books I have read; instead I have been indulging in the art of words. I just nestle into stunning lines, like: "The Nakano Thrift Shop" by Hiromi Kawakami: "Masayo took the banana in her own hand and peeled the rest of it. Her gesture was polite but — just like Mr. Nakano — she had a messy way of peeling the banana." "Mr. Nakano seemed to me like the kind of person who said wild and random things, but when I saw what a surprisingly brisk business the shop seemed to be doing, I wondered if maybe it was because he simply inhabited this very recklessness." "Whenever this customer dealt with Mr. Nakano or me, his taciturn and fastidious mien never even cracked." "The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion: "I began. I cleared a shelf on which John had stacked sweatshirts, T-shirts, the clothes he wore when we walked in Central Park in the ea

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