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My Year of Reading: 2021

After tracking the books I read in 2020 I decided to really track them in 2021. I started and finished 35 books in 2021. As a round up, I collected these stats to showcase my reading experience: I don't waste my time with books I'm not enjoying. If I'm not enjoying the first 100 pages, I put the book down. My mood does influence the books I read, which is why I'm usually reading a few books at a time. For instance, in September I had 10 books I kept picking up, and 7 of them were new books I picked up that month.  You can see some of my reads on Goodreads , but today I will highlight my top 9 reads of the year, all rated 5 stars. How I rate my books: One star: I don't think I would ever rate a book with one star.  Two stars: I appreciated the author's hard work and effort, but the content was either flat, the editing was poor, the author was redundant, or the plot was weak. Three stars: I liked the characters, I appreciated the author's writing and story, bu

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