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Hooked: My Love of Crocheting

What is one hobby you have maintained since childhood? For me, it’s crocheting. I learned the craft of crochet when I was in middle school as part of the crochet club. We would meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays during my lunch period. I still have my first crochet hook. I vividly remember practicing how to make a slip knot and crocheting foundation chains. The cream acrylic yarn was scratchy and easily bobbed around my plastic gray 6.50 mm hook as I yarned over and pulled through the loop. I didn’t pay attention to anyone else, I was laser-focused on my own hook, my own yarn, and my own hands. I watched my art teacher review the moves again. She sat on her high stool in the center of the art classroom, to my left. From then on I crocheted scarves and very tightly stitched hats. I couldn’t get the measurements right but my parents would proudly wear their gifted hats anyway. I crocheted things for people I loved so much. I would ask them what their favorite color was and make them scarves

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