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Encouragement for the worker

Searching for work can feel like you're reaching into a void. Sometimes you hear back with a yes or no, other times you don't hear anything at all. How do you keep from feeling so discouraged?

There's a lot of us struggling with this right now. Some of us have lost our jobs, are on temporary unemployment, or probably overworked as an essential worker. For me, I work in freelance so my workload can sometimes fluctuate depending on the demand or project timeline but I still search for work.

I have to remind myself that my work is profitable. I have to remind myself of how hard I've worked, the time I've spent in school, the time I've spent doing research, the time I've spent crafting and honing my skills, the investments I've made. I have worked so hard and I know that I have something great to offer. Yes, my work is not my worth and my success does not define me, but I still have work that is profitable.

Proverbs 31:18 (ESV) says "She perceives tha…

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