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Inspire Series: Showing Grace to Dream Again

It's a warm, sunny May afternoon. A beautiful day to be at a local cafe. We're seated by the cafe's windows, outside in the shade. Cafe regulars banter by the entrance behind Stephanie. She hums as she reviews the menu, wondering what to order. She settles with the Nutella waffles with banana and an iced vanilla nut latte. I order a cranberry muffin and iced chai latte. I thank Stephanie for agreeing to be featured on my blog. "I just want to interview women who inspire me and see what inspires them," I say. Stephanie and I first met at a youth service in our local church as teenagers. While I can't recall our first encounter, I am filled with good memories together. She was a bright, bubbly youth. Always smiling wide, her eyes lighting up with joy. She came to youth with her younger siblings following her around like ducklings to a mother duck. She watched over them while maintaining conversations or activities with others. Stephanie loved bright colors and a

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