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What God Calls Perfect

We go to such great lengths to be perfect. We want to appear perfect at work, school, at home, with friends. We think that by perfecting a role, we are therefore perfect. But God doesn't call us perfect by perfecting these roles, His definition of perfect is different.

In scripture I found two verses, depending on your translation, that God calls us to be perfect in: James 1:4 and Matthew 5:48.

James 1 talks about how we handle challenges and trials in life as Christ followers. A person's faith is tested during trying times, a commentary on this chapter says: "The natural tendency of trouble is not to sanctify, but to induce sin. A man is very apt to become unbelieving under affliction: that is a sin. He is apt to murmur against God under it: that is a sin. He is apt to put forth his hand to some ill way of escaping from his difficulty: and that would be sin." (Spurgeon).

But something beautiful can grow out of going through trials with perseverance. When we allow our…

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