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God's Voice

I walk with many questions running through my head. Some based on precious wonder, some based on fear and worry. I don’t allow questions to linger for too long in mind, I go to the great source; the place where all questions can be answered or even where new mysterious grow.

You may discover answers to deeper questions in your heart just by searching the Word for an answer to a different question. While I searched Scripture on timing I came across Psalm 29 where it says God’s voice makes the deer give birth. His voice tells us when to come out of the hiding place. God’s voice, this thunderous voice, has so much power. He alone is powerful, His voice is an echo of that power, and it carries a lot of weight.

We hear His voice, the Earth hears His voice, the galaxies and the universe hear His voice. His voice is:
Over the watersPowerfulFull of majestyBreaks the cedarsFlashes forth flames of fireShakes the wildernessMakes the deer give birthStrips the forests bare Creation itself trembles…

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