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This Month...(December)

Happy December! This past month was a time of reflection. Not only as the last month of the year but also the last month of the decade.

This past decade I became someone I was not meant to be: prideful, controlling, anxious, and lonely. I made plans and leaned on towards my own expectations rather than hope. God has been patient with me. I am thankful for the growth and how I have been focused and determined, knowing full well how God created me. I am a writer, and that's what I've pursued.

This blog was published in the middle of this past decade. My journey of becoming the woman I am today is printed on each blog post, where I shared my hopes, dreams, disappointments, and joys. It's not so scary to leave it all behind and to start a new decade. I have new dreams and renewed strength to carry them out.

December may just be my favorite month of 2019. It was full of defining moments for relationships in my life. I feel closer and more connected to the people God has placed…

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