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This Month...(June & July)

Happy Summer!

The summer months have been flying by and this summer I don't feel like a kid anymore. Responsibilities don't end when the weather is nice, but you can still have fun!

In May's post, I said: "I have been savoring the calmness Holy Spirit has gifted me when it comes to expectations in relationships and have allowed others to send invitations out to me, rather than me feeling like I need to plan in order for connection to happen." I have seen the fruit of this waiting.

In the past I used to let my mind wander into imaginary thoughts of how people thought of me and they were always negative. I would puff myself up with anxiety and insecurity because I didn't think I would be liked. Then Philippians 4:8 gave me the wake up call: "Think of what is true."

All of those thoughts were lies; they were never based on truth, they were based on insecurity. I prayed for strength, I prayed for growth in this area, and I let go. I allowed God to move …

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