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Being okay with silence

I've been thinking a lot about being okay with silence. Silence from people. Silence from God. Silence in the space you're in. Silence. Some can peacefully meditate in silence, some try to fill it up with noise, some feel awful about it, and some may not even notice it at all. Which one are you?   For me, I would want to know why there is silence. What's the cause? Was it something I did or said? Did I miss an important date? Did I forget to acknowledge something? Did I forget to do something? But I've learned to trust it. Trust that silence doesn't mean emptiness. Silence doesn't always mean something is wrong.  There are seasons in life where we yearn for silence. We need the quiet to gather our thoughts, to start something new, to put a child to sleep, or to rest our heads. Silence, complete silence, is a cherished rarity in life. Jesus sought silence. "Immediately he made the disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, while he dism

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