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Favorite Movies List, Do We Share a Favorite?

My taste in movies sometimes surprises people because they don't all relate. I love movies that are creative, original, beautifully made, with great casting, directing, cinematography, costume, make up; every little detail matters. I also enjoy a movie with an open ending. Life isn't perfect and a happy ending doesn't necessarily mean the challenge is over. I see movies as a look into a person's life in a certain time frame, we're just getting a peek into it. I like a movie to be realistic in some way and relatable, whether emotionally or other. Coming of age films are my most favorite. I think I love them because I can still remember those feelings and those moments where you can feel yourself growing. Those moments that you know you will remember forever; when that shift happens of becoming more of who you are. I can still remember those relatable moments in movies and it's as if my feelings are being validated when I see similar experiences on the screen. Tha

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