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TMU's Guide to Memory Verse

When I'm having a hard time to keep my thoughts focused on one thing at a time, saying scripture out loud and settling my mind and heart on that truth calms my heart and re-centers me. There is power and truth in God's word and it comforts the weary soul. Memorizing Scripture is meant to build up our faith. We can pull out this truth in times of great need, when we don't know what to believe or think, when we're stressed, when we're afraid, when we're weak. We can also gather the words to worship, when we're moved by nature, when we're grateful, when we're in awe of God and His wonder, when we have no words to express our love and thanksgiving.  I take a different approach when memorizing Scripture. I don't focus on the numbers of verses, it's the words we need to pay attention to. When I reference Scripture I know the book that I've read it from and if I wanted to share it with someone I get back to them on the specific location. But whe

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