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TMU's Fall/Winter 2021 Book Club

Hello everyone and welcome! If you're here to join our book club you have come to the right place! If you are here just visiting you can expect some beautiful discussion ahead. For our inaugural book club we will be reading and discussing  This Beautiful Truth by Sarah Clarkson. I chose this book because it embodies truth, vulnerability, faith, art, and beauty. It carries themes that I hold dear to my heart and that TMU stands for: holding onto hope, faith, and Jesus Christ all the days of our lives. Sarah shares her experience of finding God in beauty during her battle with mental illness. She shares, " This Beautiful Truth is one of those hidden books of the soul, a work of doubt and yearning and quiet wonder that came to me after many long years of struggle." We will read one chapter a week and go over discussion questions. All of the updates from me will be on this page and sent to your inbox once you join our mailing list (Sign up for my newsletter to join!) (Note:

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