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Best Lines and Lessons from Little Women

"There was a good deal of laughing, and kissing, and explaining, in the simple, loving fashion which makes these home-festivals so pleasant at the time, so sweet to remember long afterward, and then all fell to work." Louisa May Alcott "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott is a homage to many important elements of life: family, friendship, home, parenting, independence, marriage. As well as a homage to writing. It captures the essence of the home, from the delicate details of flowers in a vase to the feeling of a scratchy pillow. As a book with many perspectives, any reader can relate to one or many of the characters. Personally, I relate the most to Meg and Jo — for different reasons, entirely.  I was only familiar with the movie editions of Little Women. But my love for these movies drew me to read the book itself, to see what the true story is about. I was pleasantly surprised to find more stories and details, and faith! Neither of the movies I have watched include

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