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Entering 2021 with tears from 2020

As the clock hit midnight and we welcomed in 2021, I felt tears in my eyes. Tears of gratitude, joy, grief, love, and expectancy. 2020 was a hard year. Many people faced a lot of loss in areas they didn’t expect. Lives lost. Jobs lost. Connection lost. Touch lost. The losses tried to creep to the forefront of my mind, getting in the way from me seeing the beauty that 2020 had. We watched the quiet, empty welcoming of the new year at Times Square from our living room TV. Empty spaces filled with inflatable tube men. There were some people there, but we couldn’t see their smiles; small groups excluded in their designated squares. There weren’t surprise proposals, there weren’t new year’s kisses. There weren’t young kids cheering as they sat on their parents’ shoulders. We made it to 2021, but not many did. And I remembered them as we made it into the new year. I prayed for their families and friends, I prayed for those discouraged hearts. Please don’t forget those who are still broken-he

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