August 2020 Reading List

August is a special month for me because it includes my birthday! I normally get at least one gift card to Barnes and Noble for books; I'm thankful to have this habit of reading encouraged. For this month, I want to focus on books that calm our souls and fill our hearts with something new and beautiful.

The Edge of Winter by Luanne Rice
*I purchased my softcover copy in a Rite Aid
This story made me smile all the way through. I first read this book as a teen and I related so much to Mickey, a young girl who befriends a quiet lonely boy who shares her love for nature and bird watching. I couldn't relate to the bird watching but I felt connected to Mickey's heart, she's kind and gentle and thoughtful towards others. Read this book for a smooth read that's calming, beautiful, and touching.

No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay
*I purchased my softcover copy on Amazon
Kay is one of my favorite poets, with such passion and heart for wonder. In this collection she opens up parts of herself, New York City, and her family in such a way that takes you on a journey to see, feel, or hear what's going on. Read her poems on a rainy day, on a picnic at the park, or on a train ride to your destination.

More Than Just Making It: Hope for the Financially Frustrateby Erin Odom
*I purchased my softcover copy on Amazon after reading a copy from the library
I first read this book when my husband and I were going through one of the roughest financial times and it gave me hope. I remember holding on tightly to my library copy and planning to purchase my very own copy when I could financially. Odom is raw, honest, and vulnerable in her book, but she is also practical and offers helpful strategies on how to manage your money and where to find the best deals. Read this book if you're feeling financially frustrated or if you know someone who is struggling; read to find hope and practical tools.

There you have it, my recommendations for August reading! Tell me in the comments if you have already read any of these books, or if you're planning on it.


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