This month...(August)

August was a long month for me, it's almost all a blur. I celebrated my 27th birthday with sweet friends and family, I submitted essays to online publications, and TMU turned 5!

It has been a month of celebrating creativity. While I love to read the work of others, receive inspiration and marvel at their words, I had to spill out my heart with words. The Lord showed me the word "surface" recently and after pondering by myself and praying with others to explore what that means, I realized one aspect that is "surface" is my writing. I would write on just a surface level when I have so much more, deep inside, that needs to be expressed.

I explored this deeper place in my writing and out from it came an article that I submitted to an online publication. You can read my article, "Walking Through Disappointment to Find Hope," now on

Even if my writing doesn't get published, I keep writing. Even in my journaling, I pause to explore the areas deep inside of my heart. The way I am in awe of other people's writing, I now stay in awe of my writing. It's a sense of great accomplishment to write everything out into a cohesive expression; a letter to myself, and whatever gets published is really a letter to the world.

My hope is that my writing encourages you and even inspires you to create. It took me years of reading other people's work to finally write and publish my own writing. I look forward to reading from my favorite writers, I hope you feel the same about me -- to be totally honest.

There were mostly internal adventures in August. I didn't exactly spend my summer the way I had hoped but it was a fruitful month! I am a huge Fall lover; expect pumpkin-things galore on my Instagram (@tomyunderstanding) soon.

This Month... is a monthly confession of areas I am growing in, things that are currently inspiring me, or places I visited. Follow me on Instagram @tomyunderstanding for daily encouragement.


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