Stalling Our Creativity

Inspiration is everywhere. We don’t even need to leave our home in order to get inspired, we can get inspired by something we see on Instagram that leads us to dive into a pool of another’s creativity and drool with admiration. But when does admiring turn into stalling?

For me, I get cranky when I don’t write. Lately though I haven’t fit in the time to write what I really want to write because I stop from writing so I can work and rest. I let myself be creative for others but I haven’t allowed myself to get creative for myself.

Creativity is beautiful, it can even be magical. It's special; it’s this unique essence that no one else can do since it's coming from inside of you

What keeps you from being creative? More than that, are you distracted by others’ creativity meanwhile you have creativity building up inside? You don't have to do it for the world or for the praise; do it for you because you need to create.

We love to share everything these days but you don’t have to share everything you create. I don’t publish everything I write; some are larger projects that aren’t ready and others are just for me and God to enjoy.

Like John 20:30 says, even Jesus performed miracles that were not recorded in the Bible. Jesus did not keep His creative abilities bottled up inside, however; He did share certain creative works to particular people -- in order to encourage and for their faith to grow.

We all have a certain audience that we influence. It can be our families, friends, school-mates, co-workers, or neighbors. The people closest to you can see certain parts of you that not everyone else will see, but these expressions of creativity is something that can unite people because they share in the enjoyment of that experience.
For instance, a group of people may connect over the same book, ergo make a book club where they can meet, discuss, and enjoy each other through the creativity of a person. Those meetups will build bonds and inspiration; each member may be inspired to gain a new perspective on life or another member may be inspired to explore adventure.

Responsibilities won't end and engagements won't stop coming up, but it's ok to put a pause on those things or even say no to others in order to take the time to create. Scripture says to make good use of your time because the days are evil. I pray that this week you will take the time to create. Whether it’s baking, writing, drawing, knitting, or cooking -- allow yourself to create. For me, I have made a promise to myself to set at least one hour a day to write.

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men."
Colossians 3:23

"In the beginning, God created..."
Genesis 1:1

I would love to hear (or see) how you take the time to create! Connect with me on Instagram @tomyunderstanding and tag me on your times of creativity!


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