This Month...(May)

This month has been so special. There have been many adventures with friends, my new career is kicking off, and I am learning more about Christ’s heart and how to converse with Him.

I am becoming more vulnerable before Jesus. I come with questions, fears, hurts, and while I may not like to hear the truth from people, I receive it well from Jesus. He shows me things clearly, He speaks to my heart, with words meant for healing.

When I come before Him and just spill out my guts, I can feel the weight of relief, of chains breaking, and clarity comes when He speaks truth to me, showing me what’s going on inside me. He doesn’t do this for His gain, but for my growth, for me to have strength, and for me to be made whole.

I notice the destructive patterns I have, with others or even for myself, maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I’m realizing, I should probably stop doing the same things I used to do as a teenager. So I bring that to God, and he confronts me.

I would always pray, God show me what you see, show me how you see others. I’ve been taking myself out of the picture in certain circumstances and seeing what’s going on around me, and reflecting on it with scripture.

A lot has bloomed this May. I have been savoring the calmness Holy Spirit has gifted me when it comes to expectations in relationships and have allowed others to send invitations out to me, rather than me feeling like I need to plan in order for connection to happen.

From this I explored upstate New York with some lovely new friends! It was easy, inspiring, and fun.

I also enjoyed the New York City ballet with a long time friend. We may not see each other often, but it’s like distance was never there whenever we’re together.

Oh May, you have been busy and fun! Now summer is coming along and God-willing more adventure will come!

What do you have planned for this summer?

This Month... 
is a monthly confession of areas I am growing in, things that are currently inspiring me, or places I visited. Follow me on Instagram @tomyunderstanding for daily encouragement.


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