Steps to Walk Through Disappointment

In a recent post I talked about patiently waiting for the Lord. Now in the waiting, you might be facing disappointment. This makes waiting almost impossible to do patiently. You're hit with the weight of disappointment, and constantly reminded of the shoulda, coulda, woulda's. But my friend, nothing lovely can grow from disappointment.

The following scriptures have helped me in walking through feelings of disappointment:
Each scripture describes a step towards walking thought and out of disappointment. It provides self-reflecting questions that bring things to a better perspective, a godly one:
  1. Where is my refuge? (Psalm 62:8). When we're down on the dumps, God is still our refuge. We can retreat into Him and stay there. He collects our tears of disappointment, He comforts our souls, He can handle our roller coaster of emotions (you don't have to worry about being polite). Stay with Him in this place and He will walk you through it when you're ready; He is never in a rush.
  2. Who or what am I putting my trust in? (Psalm 20:7-8). Putting our trust on things or others more than God sets us up for failure. God will never fail us, He is all trustworthy.
  3. What am I focusing on? (Philippians 4:8). What stresses you out the most is probably the endless thoughts of possibilities! Or the replay of moments where disappointment started. Stop thinking about those things. Shift your thinking and start thinking of things that are lovely, true, worthy, and delightful. For me, I had to start thinking of nature, trees, flowers, love, and the more I thought about these things the better my mood and the less stress I felt. It's not running away from your problems, it's stopping the cycle of turning back to those feelings of disappointment of something that cannot be changed or undone.
  4. He will give you a new song to sing (Psalm 40:3). After all the trial, after all the hurt, after putting all your trust in the Lord and walking on His path for you, He will give you a new song to sing. You will overcome everything through Christ and that experience will make you stronger in the Lord and give you a new song out of this new experience to give Him praise.


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