This month...(April)

The clouds phase in gray then phase out white every glorious morning. Spring is really here.

So many new flowers are blooming in my city. Fresh, bright, fragrant flowers. Anywhere I walk I get sucked in to smell a lilac or touch the soft petals of a tulip.

It’s the month of resurrection. As the trees begin to awaken from their winter slumber, we are reminded of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s amazing how even nature tells of Jesus’ resurrection.

Trees that were once bare, uninviting of one’s touch, appearing to be lifeless, now cradle new life.

We know what to expect in spring but we are never not amazed by the bounty of life we pass by each day.

This month has felt like a breath of fresh air.

 Easter Sunday was a full day of love and community. My husband and I started to attend a new church in June 2018, and it’s not until now that I feel like a part of the congregation. There was nothing wrong with our church or the people, but it takes time for one to adjust and feel like they belong.

Every Sunday we received an awesome word, felt Holy Spirit come, and rejoiced with our brothers and sisters in Christ during worship, but I still felt a disconnect with others. But I persisted. I persisted with getting connected, joining a Bible study, talking to new people, and offering to help.

It wasn’t until I volunteered for the first time that it clicked: I am a part of this community. Something as simple as handing out balloons after Easter Sunday service to children before they enter an afternoon of fun and games; that offering filled me up with the clarity of knowing that I am a part of this community.

I can tell that I am more open to new relationships in the body of Christ, even while staying connected to those from our old church. We’re all part of the same body, what does it matter if we attend a different service on Sunday’s?

Adjusting from any transition may take time, but it’s best to allow yourself to go through the process in order for the growth to be genuine. I’ve learned that God is not in a rush, He allows us to go through any process that will build our character and ultimately give Him glory.

What are some new transitions in life that you have grown from?

This Month... 
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  1. Thanks for sharing Kathy! I’m so glad that you and Josh are apart of the family!

    1. We're so happy as well and thankful for this new family!


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