This Month...(February)

This month I explored areas I used to overlook: my appearance and bible study groups.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but each day felt full. This month I allowed myself to treat myself. I sometimes feel the need for permission to get my nails done or go shopping. I'm not used to doing either unless it's for an occasion. But this month I noticed how I've blossomed into becoming an adult woman!
I was cleaning my shoe rack when I noticed mature shoes, with heels and pointy tips. I threw away the old skippies and battered slip-ons. I now like for my shoes to look clean and neat -- that's an improvement for this girl, excuse me, woman.
I used to not take care of my things; I used to think it was vain to care so much about one's appearance. But that's not why I care now; the way I dress and carry myself shows how I think of myself -- it's a voice. Every person has their own style: sporty, professional, preppy, punk -- and there's nothing wrong with that! As long as you're being yourself and are taking care of yourself.

I also started a new bible study this month. Studying a book of the bible with a group makes the word extra powerful. The word is alive and it speaks to all of us. I have a place where it's safe to shout "I don't get it!" and we work together to understand the scripture under a microscope. Holy Spirt definitely rejoices to see people study His word, seeking for answers and being filled with His truth.

This Month... is a monthly confession of areas I am growing in, things that are currently inspiring me, or places I visited. Follow me on Instagram @tomyunderstanding for daily encouragement.


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