Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas!

Christmas celebrations have become simpler and simpler as I got older. Hey, I'm not complaining! I enjoy the peace and quiet of simple traditions that still have the same magical effect.

We like to play it by ear each year since we have to visit both sides of the family for Christmas. Our families are growing and we all love to see each other during the holiday. I've learned that I don't need to always know the plan so in advance, I can invite peace in by really just listening to others and to hear what works for them.

Looking back to my Christmases as a child I remember having fun with my cousins on Christmas Eve as we wait for the clock to hit midnight to open gifts together. I remember the room feeling warm from all the people and dancing, also the mountains of gift wrapping paper, then there's the posing for pictures with a smile to go along with the gift in our hands.

Of course, the older you get the less gifts you might receive, but we get to appreciate the quality time more and it's fun to see the kids shine with glee from opening their gifts. We appreciate any gift we may receive, from a card to a hug, we feel the love.

Some special Christmas traditions my husband and I carry every year is baking cookies for our neighbors on Christmas Eve and a delicious breakfast cooked by my husband Christmas morning.

A new thing I did this year was send personalized holiday cards to friends and family God has put in my heart. I waited to hear from the Lord on what I should write and I poured my heart out with words of gratitude.

What are some Christmas traditions you and your family do to celebrate?


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