Clear the clutter with help

Clutter and messes. I don't like that it gets to me but its greeting is unwanted. It gives me headaches, anxiety and causes anger. When I lived with just one roommate we were able to keep our place tidy. And I made sure to organize and clean my room once a week.

I didn't always mind my messy room because I wasn't always there; and to avoid it, I would hang out in the living room. It was my space, my things, and my style. I enjoyed organizing it by the end of the week, do my laundry, open all the windows no matter the weather and let the sun shine in. And it was during that clean up time that I felt the most grateful for life. 

It wasn't until I was away at school that I had my own room. I always had to share a bedroom with my sisters and I finally experienced what it's like to sleep in a room alone. I had never felt so independent. I was grateful for the time and place I was in, I was grateful for my parents for letting me have it and I was grateful that God gave me the desires of my heart. Each week was a chance to recap on the past and present and plan for my future. I was able to see the tangible blessings and I was grateful for that moment and realization.

It sometimes takes a mess to realize that there's a message; that it's a chance to see the deeper reason for a mess. The mess can mean a good thing or it may be a lesson to show you that change is needed.

Life is messy and it may take a while to clean it up and keep it in shape, but messes are inevitable. People visit your room and touch everything, they sit on your bed and ruffle the covers, the dirt from their shoes stain your carpet, and they leave without helping you clean. We can clean all at once, or drag on the process. In the end we can't reach every corner to clear off the dust. We'll be left with some stains, but its affect is up to us.

We can try to hide it and cover it up or we can be real and honest with ourselves and people around us. We can ask for help in our messes and still let people in to see our mess. It's those people who accept you and your messes that we need in our lives. God places the right people in our lives to help us with our messes. We're not meant to clean everything on our own. God also takes people away from us for our own good (they just kept messing up our room and refused to stay and help clean).

The way we handle our messes in life shows us what we're really made of, what we can handle and what we need help with. It also shows how much faith we have in people, ourselves and God. We can avoid cleaning up messes, but they just get bigger and bigger when left unattended.

The master of clean up is God and His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was sent to us as a helper, and that includes helping us clean our messes. 

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
 Isaiah 41:10

Edited April 2021


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